About Raw4Paws

Should I feed my dog a raw food diet?


Our domesticated dogs are still 99% genetically wolf. So doesn't it make sense that they eat what a wolf would? Dog's digestive systems do not require the ingredients included in kibble. Wolves do not eat carbohydrates and yet pet food manufacturers continue to use them as the majority of their kibble recipe. 

Following the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet which includes;

- Meat
- Inner Organ Meat (Offal)
- Vegetables
- Essential Vitamins & Nutrients

      Raw4Paws is a balanced, prepared formula that takes the hassle out of measuring and percentages to make sure your furbaby is happy and healthy. It is available in 1kg tubs and 8 x 200g portions, snap frozen to order. 

      Raw 4 Paws ® is a PREMIUM QUALITY raw diet for dogs and cats, that has been developed and formulated by the Raw 4 Paws Team in co-operation with our own certified pet nutritionist and a veterinarian, knowledgeable in pet nutrition.

      Raw 4 Paws ® offers VALUE FOR MONEY – 5 nutritionally balanced varieties in convenient packaging for all sizes, breeds, ages and budgets.

      All ingredients are sourced locally, only fresh produce, and wherever possible, free range Australian meats are used to assimilate a balanced raw diet for dogs and cats, as close to nature as possible.

      Raw 4 Paws ® contains NO preservatives, NO harmful chemicals, NO irradiated products, NO grain, NO yeast, NO dairy products, NO fillers, and NO rendered products. ONLY Natural Ingredients, Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes are used.

      Raw 4 Paws ® is AUSTRALIAN OWNED, our products are manufactured under Safe Food Qld accredited standards, Safe Food Number 119209-002.