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Bow Tie Pets

Paw Print Kaleidoscope On Collar Bandana

Paw Print Kaleidoscope On Collar Bandana

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Paw Print Kaleidoscope Bandana with D ring buttonhole

How can you not fall in love with this fabric? Nothing describes the bond between a pet and their owner more than a paw print made of love hearts. This black fabric is adorned with scattered multi-coloured love heart paw prints of various sizes creates a playful and vibrant design. Against the stark black background, the colourful paw prints pop and the scattered arrangement gives a sense of movement and spontaneity, as if they were left behind by playful pets exploring their surroundings.

Our innovative design makes it a breeze to accessorize your pet. Simply remove the collar, thread it through the bandana channel, and pop the collar back on. No more worries about loose or falling bandanas!

The convenient buttonhole allows the D Ring to slide through, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. With our cute designs, your pet will be the centre of attention wherever they go.

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    Need a specific size or pattern? No problem! We can create custom-made bandanas just for your beloved companion.
    Give your pet's style a boost with Bow Tie Pets' small in-collar bandanas and let them strut their stuff in style!
    - Handmade
    - 100% cotton
    - Vibrant colours
    - Convenient
    - Washable
    - Suitable for Cats
    - Customisable
    - Australian made and owned


    100% Cotton


    Country of Origin

    Handmade in Australia from local and imported fabrics

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