Why say NO to kibble

Have you ever wondered why human's are being told to stay away from processed food but our pets are eating exactly that? 

The short answer is MONEY

The pet food industry is worth billions and began as a business enterprise. Before kibble was invented, dogs and cats did not eat processed carbohydrates. In the wild they ate prey. So why has that stopped?

Below are some interesting resources which are very educational

Pet Fooled

A documentary produced in 2016 called "Pet Fooled" exposes the pet food industry and what their ingredients actually are. Look past the advertising messages and investigate the fine print. 

It is available to rent or buy on You Tube


Meat Meal

A large percentage of kibble available on the market profess to have fresh meat in their recipe. Here are some links to articles explaining what meat meal is. 

What are meat meal ingredients? 


Meat Meal - The mysterious meat concentrate


Here are some examples of the ingredients in some top selling kibble brands. You can see they use meat meal, not fresh meat. 

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