Our Story

Bow Tie Pets is a labor of love for my husband Andrew and I (Amanda). We are so lucky to be working together as we both share the passion for helping pets and to share our experiences with customers. We own two dogs, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Abby and the world’s biggest Chihuahua named Fred.

Many years ago, we came across the concept of raw feeding. We did A LOT of research and asked A LOT of questions. Finding a pre-prepared option was important for me as I am a vegetarian and I couldn’t handle the thought of chopping up muscle meat and offal (internal organs) in my kitchen.

Luckily, we found a retailer who was selling Raw 4 Paws in Hervey Bay where we lived. This changed our lives and that of our dogs. Our dogs were the subject of amazement at our vet clinic where the owner told us “Whatever you are doing to your dogs, keep doing it! They are the picture of health”, of course it was because they were raw fed.

Eventually we moved to Springfield in Brisbane. We were having difficulty finding a local supplier of Raw 4 Paws and we were running out of our supply. One day, while shopping in the supermarket a man walked past us wearing a Raw 4 Paws shirt. Thinking I had finally found our local supplier, I interrupted his shopping and asked if he was our local supplier because we are getting desperate. It turned out that the gentleman was not our local supplier, he was the owner of Raw 4 Paws! It transpired that there was no stockist for Raw 4 Paws in the area. Long story short and 5 years later we are not only stockist for Raw 4 Paws but other varieties as well. We attend multiple local markets and help customers find solutions to feeding their beloved pets.

We have worked tirelessly to supply not only food and treat options but unique accessories to our loyal customer base. We pride ourselves in our customer service and uniqueness and we hope to continue way into the future.