"Did 9 Months on the inside, but my parents are doing life" Baby Romper available in sizes 0000, 000, 00, 0. White romper with black writing and silver gaol bars.

Did 9 Months on the Inside - But my parents are doing life

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Most parents relate to this design, our little cherubs take 9 months to join us on earth but a life time to ruin us !!!!!!

What makes our rompers different to inferior overseas products? 

  • the blank rompers are purchased from Australian retailers
  • they have passed stringent and rigorous testing to comply with Australian mandatory standards for baby wear. 
  • the designs are unique and applied here in Australia 
  • we take care to produce a quality product
  • our designs are fully customisable so you can have the product you want

If you would like a different colour, font or size, please contact us for a custom quote.