"Don't look at me, it was the dog" White baby romper with silver and gold writing and a black arrow.

Don't Look At Me - It was the Dog

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It is a long held custom in Australia to blame the dog for any unpleasant odours that may or may not have emanated from the human body.....or any other mischievous behaviour for that matter. 

Why not start young and make sure your little human pup is ready to keep the tradition alive. 

What makes our rompers different to inferior overseas products? 

  • the blank rompers are purchased from Australian retailers
  • they have passed stringent and rigorous testing to comply with Australian mandatory standards for baby wear. 
  • the designs are unique and applied here in Australia 
  • we take care to produce a quality product
  • our designs are fully customisable so you can have the product you want

If you would like a different colour, font or size, please contact us for a custom quote.