Collection: Treats

Looking for a tasty and healthy treat for your furry friend? Our all-natural, pure protein air-dried pet treats are the perfect choice!

Made with only the finest natural ingredients, our air-dried dog treats are packed with high-quality protein, making them a nutritious and delicious snack for your dog or cat. They contain no additives or preservatives, so you can feel good about giving your fluffy friend a wholesome and healthy treat.

Whether you have a puppy, kitten or an adult dog or cat, our all-natural, pure protein air-dried treats are the perfect addition to your pet’s diet. They are available in a variety of flavours, including beef, chicken, fish, and lamb, so you can find the perfect treat to suit your best friend’s taste preferences.

Don't settle for low-quality, processed dog treats that are loaded with artificial flavours and preservatives. Treat your pet to the best with our all-natural, pure protein air-dried treats. Try them today and see the difference they make in your pet's health and happiness!