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Beef Cow Hooves 5 Pack

Beef Cow Hooves 5 Pack

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Give your furry friend a treat they'll love with Bow Tie Pets Air Dried Cow Hooves. Say goodbye to artificial additives and preservatives – our cow hooves are pure protein, just the way nature intended.

Why choose Bow Tie Pets Air Dried Cow Hooves? Here's why:

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1. All-Natural Goodness: We source our cow hooves from trusted suppliers who prioritize animal welfare. You can feel good knowing that your pet is enjoying a treat made with love and care.
2. Pure Protein Power: Dogs thrive on protein-rich diets, and our cow hooves deliver exactly that. Packed with essential nutrients, they promote strong muscles and overall well-being.
3. Enrichment: Why not fill the hoof with stock and pop it in the freezer. Then your doggy has an ice block to entertain them.
4. Dental Health Boost: Chewing on cow hooves can help maintain your dog's dental hygiene. The natural act of gnawing helps reduce plaque and tartar build-up, promoting healthy teeth and gums.
Cow Hooves are available in packs of 5, but if you would like a bulk pack, please contact us for information on your options.
Please note: Bow Tie Pets does not manufacture these treats. They are sourced from local suppliers who create these treats using our ethics and values.

Country of Origin

Made in Australia from Australian producers


100% Cow Hoof no filling

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