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Lamb & Mint Bites 40g Snack Pack

Lamb & Mint Bites 40g Snack Pack

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The Golden Bone Lamb & Mint treats are a delectable combination of Australian oats, lamb lung, and mint flakes, carefully crafted into tiny, irresistible bites for dogs. These treats offer a unique flavour profile that dogs will adore. The use of Australian oats ensures a wholesome and nutritious base, providing a good source of fibre and essential nutrients. The inclusion of lamb lung adds a savory richness to the treats, satisfying dogs' carnivorous cravings. Moreover, the addition of mint flakes not only adds a refreshing taste but also contributes to freshening breath and promoting oral hygiene. The Golden Bone Lamb & Mint treats are a delightful and healthy snacking option for dogs, combining quality ingredients in a convenient bite-sized form.

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